Practical Ways To Fight Stress!

This course is a collection of 12 colorful, upbeat lessons. Each one presents a single stress concept with a matching activity to enhance the learning experience. The goal is for the student to read each lesson, complete its corresponding exercise/experiment, and then take the final test. That will be followed by a survey. Altogether, these tasks are expected to take up to 12 hours.

The content is designed to present the subject matter in insightful, thought-provoking manners that can improve retention and implementation. Care has been taken to reduce the stress that can accompany any new learning experience. Ultimately, the goal is to help the student form a customized plan that can enhance his/her personal life and also to spill over into any professional endeavors.


Cynthia Weeks

Accessible, Approachable, Flexible!

This course is an ideal offering for corporate or other in-house programs for employees who experience work-related or other stress. At the same time, it is conveniently adaptable to fit an individual program tailored for independent study. In sho...

Angie Caruthers

Primer Is Spot On!

This Primer has great examples of everyday situations that anyone can identify with and is thought provoking and personal without taking too much time to digest. Great tips for being intentional with your actions and cultivating happiness!

Cathy Brown
Cathy Brown
Registered Nurse, Certified Case Manager

Cathy Brown, Registered Nurse--

Practicing for over 35 years in the state of Texas, I have experience in a variety of areas in the hospital setting---medical, cardiology, oncology, day surgery, admitting, utilization review, etc.  Outside of the hospital setting, my duties have included serving as a case manager/life coach for “at risk” patients. 

I have served as a supervisor of a nursing telephonic triage business, as a trainer of telephonic nurses for an insurance company, and as a  RN Subject Matter Expert (SME) specializing in stress management for my co-workers. And I am a published author of 4 books related to stress management.  My experience has been well-rounded by including both the medical health and the behavioral health arenas.

Course Curriculum

Optimism Is The Enemy Of Stress!
References and Resources
The UNKINKED Primer--Quiz
The UNKINKED Primer--Survey

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